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Wednesday April 25th: this is the prayer of the day!

praise the lord

[Author: Ellesse davis]

And Holy Spirit) and I love them all with all my heart,
life and soul.
I will do whatever it takes to repay God for my mistakes and sins.

The Truth Does Set Us Free:
I now see that it is the power of truth that befriends us to Christ so that he can help and make us all happy.
Only truth can defeat the enemy,
the deceiver who made me fear hell if I told the truth,
knowing that the truth will set us all free to live forever in the glory of God.
The devil led me to believe I’d avoid hell by hiding my sins,
lying and living a lie.
But now I realise Our Father loves us so much that he wants us to follow the Spirit despite the challenges and urges to do otherwise.
To the unsaved believers and all friends in Christ,
I urge you to confess your sins and not to hide them.
Be like a naughty child in tears of repentance and beg God on your knees to forgive you your sins.
Priest VG and I were both suicidal because I hid my whoring past.
This ruined his reputation,
education &

After 5 years of Priest VG suffering nerve pain and depression,
I .

I finally ‘came out’
as a repentant sinner to the world about my whoring past.

I hope my confessions will restore Priest VG’s reputation and give him proper credit for trying to save my soul,
and guide me to accept responsibility for my own actions,
be they good or bad (mistakes/sins).

I now feel I can be born again one day soon I hope and that I can be baptised in that knowledge because I now want to remain true to God,
true to myself,
and true to others and restore my integrity.

Please keep praying for Gods guidance to priest VG to live long &
happy to serve Him,
and for me to be forgiven for my sins because I still never want to go to hell.
I am scared of that place as I know the Devil will lie trick and deceive us to eat our souls so God cannot win us with Him in heaven.
The Testimony of Truth,
or Truth Testimony,
the essence of the Testimony of Integrity is placing God at the center of one's life.

Ellesse Davis

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