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nothing else matters

[Author: Alicia Peralez]

Heavenly Father,
I first would like to thank you for all things positive in my life today,
just as well as thank you for giving me life and the love of those who love me.
Thank you for loving me through the times I have been lost.
You know my struggles,
my sorrows,
my hopes and my dreams,
My heart.
34 years on this earth and yet you are the only one,
and i'm okay with that.
Nothing else matters.
I haven't spoken with you for far to long being caught up in this earthly life,
and time is has been speeding by.
I need more time with you,
you are the what I desire and I can't live without you.
my whole life i have been a wreck but it is you that brings my strength and my power to maintain in my darkest of hours,
Only you.
I strive everyday to be better than I was yesterday because of you.
You have my heart and my soul,
and nothing else matters.
I love you.
Please continue to help my family,
as well as the rest of the world.
Please keep my babies healthy and watch over them.
Please help Slava to see your light in his times of need.
If people know it or not,
I know that you are the only way.
Thank You.

In Jesus's name I pray,

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