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have mercy on my family please please please holy creator

[Author: Szluha]

He that is in Heaven,
King of Kings,
please hear my prayer,
please hear and bless me with Your favor.
Have mercy on my family,
who is my children,
my wife,
and me too please!

Years ago I begged you for a family of my own and you blessed me with a wife and two precious children,
and the abilities and opportunities to support us.
I have always been extatic am greatful.
Thank you.

I was born in sin and haven't stopped sinning since.
Please wash me clean with the blood of Christ.
Forgive me for being a fool,
and forgive me for my evils.
Bless this prayer with the charity of Your Holy Spirit.
I beg You for this because my family needs You to hear this prayer and bless us with what I am asking.

Evil came to take my soul and You protected me.
Evil came to take my hands and You protected me.
Evil came to to take my wife.
Something came to take my life and You saved me.
Then evil came to kill the souls of my children.
Evil came to take everything from I have and You warned me a week in advance and carried me.
You protected my soul.
I think that the evil things that came to hurt my family are humans,
one of them out of pure greed! F
orgive me for thinking that the people are evil rather than their actions.
Then evil succeeded now more evils are killing the souls of my poor
little children! My babies Vayk and Bente are being abused and tormented.
Please Father.
Please! Bring them back home to me.
My wife is ill,
I asked that you heal her and the disease got worse.
I was told that You did not bless her with healing because I don't have the anointing of Your Holy Spirit.
That is why I am writing this prayer because maybe then my request will find Your favor.
Evil people are making false accusations against me out of hate and jealousy,
just because they abused their own children,
and were abused themselves and want the evil cycle to carry on in their name.
Stop them Lord I beg you.
May all who read this be witness to my cry for help.
May the judge in the high court see the evil and may he rule in my favor.
Bless my lawyer with all that he needs,
bless the advocates of the child welfare department so that the judge will believe them.
Ground the evil that are falsy accusing the social workers at child welfare and my parenting abilities and curse the vessels of that evil with confusion and failure and stupidity and may their intensions and hate and evil and true selves be made known to all in that courtroom.
Stump the advocates and lawyers of that evil that he will not success in misleading the judge.
Please restore my family

I pray all this in the Name of Christ! I renounce evil.
May what I ask be so Lord.


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