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fear 's not an option, neither is doubt

[Author: Pastor Cl Palmer]

Abba Father,
please show those who read this that FEAR and DOUBT is not an option.
When concerned with what they're saying,
remind them You will put the Word in their mouth to speak to others.
FAITH and TRUTH will prevail as they TRUST in You and Your Will for their life.
Help them not to be moved by others or those words spoken.
For the adversary knows what words to use to try to stumble them.
May their confidence be in You.
May they also put those in their life in Your care,
knowing You always work everything together for those who love you,
who are called according to YOUR PURPOSE.
May they rely on Your Word,
seeking You first thing in the morning.
Praising You throughout their day,
living Your Way in obedience.
Then standing in Faith,
loving others You've put in their lives.
Through Yeshua,
Your Son,
our Savior,
So be it.
To You be all Glory

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