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[Author: AlphaMom]

When I was younger,
I didn't appreciate the little things people around me do for me.
It was unfortunate and I have much regrets for being like that.
I was such a perfectionist and I expected the same from everyone.
I would think low of them if they didn't perform the same.
I'm so ashamed of myself now for acting that way.
My friends and families stopped offering help because they know I'll do better.
Because of my mistakes,
I ended doing everything alone.
my workloads and house chores are never ending.
I need to learn how accept whenever people offer help.
I also need to accept their mistakes and imperfections,
knowing they'll perfect them over time.
please accept my flaws and give me your blessings so that I'll perfect them some day.
In Christ,
Our Lord🙏🏻

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