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[Author: AlphaMom]

My grandmother is not feeling well.
She has a stroke and is partially paralyzed.
Her health is not in good condition due to old age,
and there's only so much the doctors and family can do.
I pray for her to become closer to God as God is calling her into his kingdom.
I hope my aunts,
especially the youngest one,
realize the love my grandmother has given her throughout the years.
It's ashamed how my grandmother have given up everything she has to give to this daughter.
My grandmother has 10 children and would sacrifices all the valuable gifts and attention from the other 9 children.
I pray for my father not to be hurtful because he has been the only child that was there for her.
I wish my kids would take care of my,
just like my father,
in my older years.
please be kind and allow her into your Kingdom

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