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2x homework

[Author: Me]

Dear god,

Today alot of people in my class have not done most of their homework.
For their bad behavior,
my teacher gave them 2x homework for not being responsible.
I thank you for leading me into the right the direction of doing my homework and not wandering off.
I am also thankful that I don't have 2x homework on the weekend.
I also pray for a friend who got teased by another person.
This person said to my friend "all you care about is youtube and chicken and not your homework."
Also if you know about this,
this is what I heard from people so if this is wrong,
this isn't technically my fault.
So my friend is pretty sensitive so he cried.
God I pray you to lead others into doing right things.
I am thankful for everything.
I am sorry for my sins.amen.

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