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[Author: Sara]


I pray always,
but I hear and see dangerous and scary things,
and it really disturbs me,
I cant sleep because of them,

even working eating and normal life is difficult,

plz pray I become far from them,
I need God's Peace very much,
but cant do alone,
help me.

plz pray God protects me from all bad happenings.

and plz pray for my mom Aamane(Aamaneh) plz pray God protects her from all bad things,
from death,
from disease,

plz pray God makes her healthy compeletely healthy and keeps her alive and healthy,
she has a problem for washing a lot,

even a normal bath takes 9 hours,
other simple works is difficult for her too,
its really scares me,
plz pray for her healing.
plz pray God protects my mom from all bad happenings.

and plz pray for all us 7 people.
break black magics from us and our lives.
and protects us.

plz pray I get my miracles,
then I can marry nashan.

also I need finance miracle to buy a nice home for my parents,
my mom has a lot problems here so needs a nice home.

plz pray God accepts All My Prayers,
Gives my miracles to me so I can live completely Happy.

I need God,
His Mercy,
His Miracles,
His Presence and His Blessings SOON.

Thank you very much,
Your sis,


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