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[Author: Your Child]

Lord I a am asking for deliverance for Tara Taylor from that abusive relationship.
She has gotten herself in trouble again.
Lord have mercy give her the victory cover her in your blood.
Praying for unity for family restore the marriages soften the hearts let them fall to their knees and ask forgiveness.
Lord satan is really trying to destroy my family but I know God is able there is nothing to hard for you Jesus.
Have mercy bless my parents restore their health and strength.
Praying for a closer walk with God.
Calm the raging seas.
Praying for Almeria healing and joy peace Cody a special job of his desire.
Cheryl and her children a closer relationship bind satan.
Asking for victory on my job turn our call center around let it be a peaceful fun happy place to work.
Bless everyone with the will to come to work appreciate their job.
Mold us to be the strong confident sales person for us to keep our jobs and meet our sale goals every month.
Praying for spiritual blessing for my nieces nephews family.
Find favor on my job I am a faithful employee always at work on time.
Let everyday be a great sales day or week.
Strengthen me in the areas that I am week.
Look beyond my faults and see my needs.
Bless my parents with good health peace joy happiness.
Restore my mother's strength Asking in Jesus name Amen.
Asking lord for help and deliverancefrom sleep disorder.
Which is effecting my ability to function properly I be so tired but I know is god able to bless me with good night sleep the devil is a liar .
I'm asking for several hours of sleep at night

Tags: blessings
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