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prayer for me and my family realtives

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our lady of Guadalupe and immaculate Virgin Mary all saint,
all archangels holy face of Jesus Christ mama mary sleeping st.
Senior Sto.
Nino All miracle our ladys.
from heaven
i am your daughter Maritonie Menil born august 5,
1990 please please here my prayer for my family and me.
O Immaculate Virgin,
Mother of the True God and Mother of the Church! From your place on high you manifest your clemency and compassion to all who seek your help;
listen to the prayer that the faithful confidently direct to you and present it to your Son Jesus,
our Redeemer.
my family father Emmanuel Joy,
Mother Ma.Gina siblings Karl russell,
our dog chachu and me-maritonie my titas tito cousin,
grandmother grandfather all of them relatives please protect them from the badpeople-isis maute group drugs kidnapper houldapper all of them,calamities,highway vehicles bus triycle,jeep,truck,mixtrix,
faster vehiches,airplane,cursship Barko.
Bad evil spirit devil ,
please healing touch them here body normal heart,liver no highblood,
no cancer all of them- sick they are alive long long 105 years old age miracle.
holy spirit holy mother holy father .
Me - my Ig instagram account more followers and likes September this year 2017 faster growing my follwers and likes good comment to become 99.9million my ig instagram account @maritoniem no bad people no hack my account and to be famous popular trending around the universe all countries.
And to discover me and i hope to find me @tccandler they put me on her account instagram @tccandler 100 mostbeautiful face because i have #tag #hastag mypicture and to accepted my picture join entry and to become number1 have million likes around the universe to become winner my picture and me accepted my picture i wish wish wish to be granted please please immaculate virgin mary please please please here myprayer my heart and soul sadness i don't cry anymore i wish wish to become true my prayer for me and my family more more blessing to come for me.
have have have mercy on us have mercy on us.
please plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss 100X answer my prayer please give me your help i don't suffered anymore stress sickness all of them for me po.

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