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grow up in me

[Author: J Richner]

Dear Heavenly Father,
I am encouraged by the work you do inside me.
I truly see progress in my life.
Once unable to seek after the light of your Holy Son,
but now the scales over my eyes are gone.
But Father I have these daily struggles,
my flesh needs to be conformed and subjected so I can live more holy.
Your son positioned me,
but now I must call on The Spirit to lead me,
to show me down this narrow path.
forgive me as I stumble,
but please continue to renew and grow my heart and mind for things that are from above.
Jesus I am so thankful for you paying my sin debt by your work on the cross,
I am so joyful to be your adopted brother,
and Holy Spirit I am so joyful to have you living inside me.
Please continue to rein in my life,
please give me courage to share the Good News with others about my gift of Salvation.
May others come to know Christ by my witness and my testifying of God's amazing grace and mercy.
God please use me to grow your kingdom,
may I be an instrument for your glory.
Heavenly Father forgive me for my shortcomings but please refine me so those areas can be cleansed.
Father continue to give me the desire to study your Holy Word.
Please give me the desires to love and seek fellowship with my brothers and sisters in your Church.
Please give me a single mindedness to pursue things that are Holy and Pure.
I love and adore you and I am so grateful for all things great and small that you've given to me.
May I be a light into your world doing your will.
I pray all of this in my Lord and Saviors name Jesus Christ,

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