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open their eyes and soften their hearts

[Author: J Richner]

Heavenly Father,
I come to you with confidence,
and I pray this prayer with boldness.
I plead with my Savior to intercede and plead this to the Heavenly Father to hear our case for the lost.
We have loved one's,
family and friends who are lost in their sins.
Father they're in total darkness,
and are not responding to your Holy Word.
Please soften their hearts Lord,
please open their eyes.
Please reach down with your loving hand and pluck them out of their sea of sins.
I know this is possible as you did it with me.
Please rein down your saving power on our brothers,
and sisters who are of the lost children.
Father please orchestrate a deliverance in those that I keep petitioning for.
Jesus is my Savior and their is no reason why He can't be their's as well.
Please open the eyes of our lost friends and family members,
Lord please continue to be long suffering,
but please save them.
Place someone in their path that may deliver the message of your redeeming Holy Son! Please give me the continued desires to pray for those that are in total darkness.
I know you save the lost as you saved me.
I pray in full confidence that you will send an army of angels to fight the spirits of hell off.
I pray that you will send the key to unlock the shackles of sin around their feet and arms.
I pray that the Holy Spirit deliver a knock out punch pushing back the devil from our friends and family that are in darkness.
Please Heavenly Father give grace and mercy.
I pray that you drag them to the cross in radical fashion if necessary.
That your grace be bold when deliverance is necessary.
I pray that you swell up inside their heart in mind so they can repent and trust on our Holy Savior Jesus Christ.
You saved my soul now go save theirs.
I pray this in your loving son's name Jesus...

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