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encourage me to glorify you

[Author: J Richner]

Heavenly Father,
Let us be lights into the world.
Let us have a mindset to seek and pursue you like never before.
please give us the convictions to follow your Son even on difficult trails.
Let us enjoy the valleys and the peeks of life,
no matter the circumstances let us give you the rightful glory you deserve.
when we rationalize that we are to busy,
to tired,
to whatever that we'll hear your call.
let us seek to pour out Glory on you the Maker of the Stars and the Moon.
You're the Father who gave each of us breath,
and life so we my glorify you.
Let our actions illustrate how much we are grateful for your Son's love.
May the Holy Spirit be our guide when we are in places where our flesh is comfortable,
allowing us the ability to overcome disgusting sin.
May we be stirred up inside to conform to your will,
may we lean on the spirit to humble us before You The Maker of the Universe in all matters,
so You may receive your rightful glory.
May we be convicted of our sins,
and not revel in the days of our youth.
May we flee from sin and fall to our savior when the tempter is near.
May we be suited up with the Armor of you God daily,
may we have fortified minds and single minded desires to serve your Holy King of Kings.
Nothing more may we all realize the mark is not of ourselves but of You and your Redeeming Savior Jesus Christ.
Giving you all the Glory God for all good things......Amen!

Tags: love, life, family
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