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thank you father for saving souls

[Author: J Richner]

Dear Father,

Thank you Father and Son for preparing a place in heaven for me.

Thank you Spirit for coming into my body and making me see
So often I can't understand how all of this will unfold
But I do know it's what the bible says it's what's been told

Give me the abilities to trust and obey more and more
Oh let me realize Heavenly Father what you have in store
Certainly for me,
and my family all that are around
Let them come to know your voice that precious sound

Please give me the abilities to seek you fully day after day
Let me always remember I can come to your thrown and stay
What a blessing to know you're there and I can come
But certainly not by anything I've done

All because of your son and what He did on the cross
He bore it all,
gave His blood and sacrificed His life loss
For me and many others He gave us a new mind and heart
Closing the gap to the father we're no longer apart

Anyone who doesn't know Him may ask where do I start
Know this He'll listen provided you have a humble heart
Cry out to God and ask for mercy and grace
Acknowledge that without Him your life a waste

With a humble heart,
faith turning from your sin
Now you'll open your eyes and His Spirit will rush in
With a new heart and mind for things above
you'll be at peace like a gentle dove

Finally arriving you'll do the work of the Father and The Son
You'll look back and realize you were on the run
Jesus now your Holy Brother you lock hands
taking steps together you'll make footprints in the sands

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