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bedtime peace

[Author: Nicholas Colin Roberts]

Father in the Name of Jesus,
the author and finisher of my life I come to you as a true ambassador of your unconditional love and unfathomable mercy.
I come blessing your name and glorifying you.
I pray that your holy and supreme will be done in my life as was your plan for me since the beginning of time.
O Lord thank you for continuing to provide food on my plate and on the plates of your flock.
I thank you for teaching me how to forgive as your teachings have helped me to forgive others who have offended me.
I bless all those who bless me and I bless all those who curse me.
I thank you Jesus for giving me a spirit of forgiveness.
I beseech you then to forgive my transgressions and dispel my turpitude.
lead me away from that which is profane and bring me to the promise land where I will be in your arms.

Tags: bedtime
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